Ocean Galaxy Light™ USB Mini Star Projector

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Ever wanted stars on your car roof? 😍

Get a Rolls-Royce level starry roof in any car! Create stars in any setting!

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Sleep Under the Stars💫

  ✧ USB connector cord for EASY & convenient use Anywhere you travel

  ✧ Unlimited Lifetime span- NO Batteries Required! 

  ✧ Great for cars, rooms or anything else you can light up!

  ✧ Make the Night Drive or Dark Room THAT MUCH Better!

  ✧ 360 degree, flexible usage!

  ✧ Great Gift for any birthday or special occasion! 

  ✧ Bendable cord for wide range usage as seen below:

✧  Won't distract driver when in use!

✧  The Venus Red-Light fits any vibe!

✧  Create a Starry Night visual from the comfort of your vehicle or room!

✧  MAKE Your Night Drive or Dark Room Much Better! ✨


Simple & Easy USB Connection

The included USB attached to the projector is all you need for usage! No batteries required.

Eco Friendly

Eco-Friendly materials 

All of our lights are low carbon, no radiation, no flicker, and made to have low electricity consumption.

Fast U.S. Based Shipping

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Product Sizing:

Package Includes:

  • 1x Starry USB Projector
  • 1x Box