Ocean Galaxy Light™ Jellyfish Aquarium

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Watch the mesmerizing jellyfish swim around the illuminated aquarium, with beautiful luminescent color changing features

The Jellyfish Aquarium makes a stunning desk or nightstand piece, and also works as an exceptional nightlight.




How many people can say they own a Jellyfish Aquarium?? Heres your chance at owning one of the most unique aquariums with one of natures rarest creatures!

The best part? There is no difficult setup or installation required! The Jellyfish Aquarium by Ocean Galaxy Light™ requires absolutely no maintenance at all! Since the Jellyfish are made of high quality food grade silicon, they will live forever! 

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Create a calming atmosphere as you watch the jellyfish silently swim around in all their glory, while the aquarium colors slowly shift

The soothing nebula cloud puts the mind at ease while also creating a gorgeous aesthetic in any space. Slowly fading stars rotate around you reducing mental strain and instead inspire creativity.




Q: How does it work?

A: The aquarium use LED lights, water and a motor that allows the silicone jellyfish to look life-like with their movements. The lamp's outer shell is Acrylic and not glass, so it will not shatter if dropped. The LED colors are set to a calming multi-color changing mode.

Setup Instructions:

1) Fill the aquarium with distilled water

2) Plug in the USB Cord to an outlet, and turn the switch to "ON"

3) Add 2 drops of dish-soap into water (helps the jellyfish swim around)

4) After one minute, put both jellyfish into the aquarium head-first until they sink

5) Enjoy your beautiful new Jellyfish Aquarium! 

Q: What is in the box?


  • The Jellyfish Aquarium
  • 2 Silicone Jellyfish
  • USB Power Cable


Q: Why do I need it?


  • Elevate your house decor - Improve your workspace or bedside with a truly unique piece of nature
  • Reduce anxiety & stress - The quiet movements and ambiance will help you relax and forget about your daily stress and routine 
  • Excellent gift - Give someone a gift that is not found in stores and is offered exclusively by Ocean Galaxy Light™


Q: Do the colors change automatically?

A: The Jellyfish Aquarium contains 5 color changing options, through the 2 rows of LED lights that contain a total of 8 individual LED's. This allows the aquarium to illuminate the jellyfish as they dance around, while the colors slowly change to compliment their glow-in-the-dark beauty


Q: How long does shipping take?

A: It takes around 1-3 days for your order to get shipped out to you, from then it takes around 5-15 days for your order to reach you depending on country. Orders to Canada have been noted to take up to 16 days, due to stricter customs regulations. All USA, UK, and AU orders are arriving on time.